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What are sports betting sites useful for?

Sports betting sites are useful in more ways than one. They are essentially the …

The Comeback Isles?

With new coach Scott Gordon in place and goalie Rick DiPietro coming back, the New York Islanders seem to be ready to go into 2008-09.

A strong start, though, may be the key to sell New York Islanders Tickets. The team will need to get the fan base excited about a playoff run in order to keep the Nassau Coliseum filled for the entire season.

But even if the Islanders do falter, Long Island is the best place to get cheap NHL tickets, with Madison Square Garden being sold out and the Prudential Center charging premium prices.

Regardless, Islander Hockey is a great place to watch young players play. Kyle Okposo is an up and coming star with the Isles working on getting other youngsters from Bridgeport up to help the club.

If it works, tickets to Nassau Coliseum may become as popular as New York Giants Tickets or Broadway …

Hopefully Rick – its Rust

First game since 3/15/08…

Not a good way to start.

I know the game was on XM204, but by the time I got home, I did NOT want to put on my computer… After looking at one for 12 hours, it was just not the right thing to do.

I hear Rusty Olesz laid out Chris Lee with a nasty check from behind… Got a Game, and I am sure a review with the league. Good – get a few games for that Rusty!

Final of 4-3 for the Preseason… Not bad.. Friday – it counts for good. No – I will not be in NJ. I hope to get home for the start of the game, however, and I hope I will try to write a little at home. I will be writing at the game on Saturday. My wrap up will appear after the game…

Wow – I …

Bailey makes it

So – our #1 pick not only got the entry level contract, but has made the squad to boot.

He (Bailey) definitely has the profile to make it as a 19 year old. He has a great way of handling himself, and knows his plusses and minuses. He also has a great presence for someone so young, according to bystanders and media alike.

The only thing that is a little troublesome, is the fact that he has not had the game experience. He has only played in 2 of the 7 exhibition matches and that, to me, does not tell me about his ice presence. You can be all that you can in practice and in shinny, but when it counts for real, does he have it?

Now – personally, I WANT him to succeed! I really want him to make it – and do well in the process. However, …

Scott Gordon visits the Booster Club

Was surprised that the hit on Chris Lee did not warrant a suspension. He did not know about it until I asked the question.

Was pleased that Ricky played 60 minutes, despite the lack of playing. Is confident that he will be in the lineup, and if the timing is right, he WILL play. Ricky is chomping at the bit.

Bailey – he has so much hockey intelligence. He may be here one game, he may be here for the season. The process of the NHL will be so much easier for him, because of his intelligence. He is
head and shoulders’ better than some guys I know with three years of experience.

Nate Thompson – (Gordon’s former captain in Providence) classic blue collar player. We will like the intangibles..

Thoughts on Tambellini – we have to see if his ability will translate to the same success at the NHL …

This not tournament, this for real!

Is Scott going to say this to the guys before the head out to the Pru ice tonight?

The screen test is over, the action scenes are going to begin.

What to expect: Tough question… However, from what I can see from Scott, I can see that he will be one that will make 100% sure that his guys will not only be focused, but ready to breathe fire on those Devils.

How will Ricky respond? Being a former goalie, I think Scott has more of an idea what is going through DP’s psyche than most… Will DP go all 3 games in this weekend? I hope not. I could easily see MacDonald into action, probably on Monday against Buffalo.

Bailey, I can safely assume will be out of the lineup tonight, and possibly tomorrow. I am sure that the disappointment will be mounting. If it was me, I really …

Devils 2 Isles 1 – 2nd period

Some thoughts….

MacDonald has looked well tonight (we are all surprised…). Hope DP plays tomorrow for the home crowd. Will we know the real problem?

Jon Sim looks like an eager guy, that looked like he so wants to play, and being out for over a year will do that to a guy.

Like Weight’s comments after 1. He gets it, and I hope that some of the guys really listen when Dougie talks.

Seems some of the guys look a little tentative. Hillen made a few mistakes in his zone, but I think he will recover quickly.

Great speed shown by Okposo. However, he did not fool Brodeur with the penalty shot.

Every time that I see Parise doing damage to the Islanders, I want to KILL Milbury for passing on him. Yea, Robert Nilsson is a real star….

Stay in the booth, you dummy!…

Blogging my first game

As it figures, I am the first one here tonight. I would be early for my funeral, if that was the case. However, I am so excited to be doing my first game as a member of the NYI Blog Box. This is an opportunity to experience the feel of writing about the game I love, as well as the team, but still can be a fan.

I am going to just provide my notes and thoughts as the game progresses.

Warmups… Joey MacDonald came out first…. Hillen is out, Pock is in. Jack looked a little shaky last night, so it is a break for him. Weight wearing the “A” at home with Park wearing it on the road. DP is not bending too much, and is just letting the shots go through.

Comments on the 1st period:

What a difference 24 hours makes…. Great decision-making by the team, …

No reports on the game tonight…

Will not be at the game. I had to work today, as there were things that needed my attention.

What do I expect?

I expect to see Joey Mac again today. He deserves the playing time. Get Ricky to above 100% and then – we can work things out. We have days in-between games, so this would be the time, to be 100% sure, he is ready, whether TSN thinks so or not!

Keys to the game

Keep the in your face aggressiveness going. It was beautiful seeing that intensity and effort on Saturday. I can see why this Ludicrous speed system works so well… (Spaceball references are always good! – Got to figure out how to put the Schwartz into it!)

Keep the “D” playing positionally well (Meyer has done such a nice job of that). Get Hillen back to the form that he had his first two games …